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A Catholic Store run by a Catholic family


Catholic Jobs

Production Day Shift Worker

Department: Production and Fulfillment
Full or Part Time: Full Time or Part Time

Job Description:
Performs various functions within the Manufacturing and Shipping departments, including picking and fulfilling orders, receiving, maintenance, housekeeping, replenishment of inventory, stocking, building products, finishing and product detailing, and packing orders for shipment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
-Ability to pay close attention to detail -Ability to effectively function as part of a team -Ability to communicate with co-workers in a courteous and professional manner -Skills in operating various warehouse equipment a plus

Experience and Education
-High School graduate or GED equivalent for applicants over 18 -related experience is helpful but not necessary -applicants must be at least 16 years of age to apply

Physical Demands:
Production workers must possess a full range of motion and be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Tasks around the department involve both standing and sitting for long periods of time.

Pay will be hourly and correspond with experience.

To apply:
Send your application to John Nelson, Director of Production and Fulfillment.

Customer Service Assistant

Department: Office/Tech Dept.
Full or Part Time: Full time or Part time

Job Description:
The Customer Service Assistant will provide support to the Customer Service Clerk and Director of Sales during high-volume call times on weekday afternoons.

The Customer Service Assistant answers directly to the Director of Sales and Marketing, also taking direction from the Office Manager.

Primary Duties:
-answer telephones and service customers
-record verbal purchase orders
-inform of fax and e-mail options when appropriate
-record verbal retail purchases
-inform of website and web-only offers when appropriate
-provide customers with updated information on order fulfillment status
-locate and relate tracking numbers when necessary
-communicate with Production to better inform customers
-maintain general cleanliness and order within office

Secondary Duties:
-enter retail orders into system
-enter wholesale orders into system
-print and assemble complete orders
-self-check work in process, forwarding to QC as necessary
-sort and appropriately allocate all company and personnel mail

Tertiary Duties:
-special projects as assigned by management
-marketing focus group involvement
-product development critiquing
-transcription of hand-written documents
-cleaning and trash disposal for designated office areas

Experience and Education:
-High School graduate or GED equivalent required
-applicants must be comfortable using both phone and e-mail
-electronic database and/or website experience is a plus
-applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply

Physical Demands:
As with all Office/Tech staff, this job requires workers to be sitting at a computer for the majority of the work day.

Pay will be hourly and commensurate with apparent aptitude and/or experience.

To apply:
Send your resume and references to Kevin Nelles, Director of Sales & Marketing.

A call shortly after your resume is sent would be appreciated and welcome, but do not take offense if I’m not available at the time. Just leave a message. Phone: 740.282.5334 (ask for Kevin Nelles) -KN