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A Catholic Store run by a Catholic family


Catholic Jobs

No particular jobs are open at this time, but we’re always on the lookout for fresh blood. You never know - we weren’t hiring when I applied for a job here, either.

So do you hear that, you zealous, talented, Catholic punks? We’re looking for you.

Catholic to the Max is where you go to cut your teeth, learn new skills, and gain experience, but you’ve gotta have grit, a can-do attitude, and passion for the faith.

No whiners.

No I dunno-ers.

Apply for a job here, work in Steubenville, and gain experience. After a year or two here, you can tackle anything that gets thrown at you, guaranteed. Our hope is that you will fall in love with this company and our town and end up wanting to stay here. And who knows? It’s happened before.

Send me an e-mail if you have what it takes:

Kevin Nelles
Kevin Nelles
Director of Sales and Marketing