Adventures in the Great Mystery - Book 1: The Five Questions

Adventures in the Great Mystery - Book 1: The Five Questions

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Adventures In The Great Mystery is a new series of faith-filled fiction for adults and teens. In the first book, The Five Questions, one little mistake at the College of St. Francis of Assisi unleashes a torrent of evil that threatens the whole campus. Danger, anger, pain, and confusion leave the students struggling to overcome their weaknesses and praying like they’ve never prayed before.

As you enjoy the suspense, humor, romance, and mystery, you will find yourself growing spiritually along with the characters. Personal reflection questions follow the chapters, and footnotes will guide you to Bible verses and amazing quotes. There are even group discussion questions, so you can read together with your friends, family, or church group.

Perfect for:
Confirmation gifts
Cozy winter reading
Classroom or book club use

Special features include:

  • Footnotes to over 180 Bible verses, 40 sections of the Catechism, and 60 passages from popes
  • Personal Reflection Questions following the chapters
  • Group Discussion Questions
  • A Subject Index and Index of Biblical References

The Five Questions is perfect for:

  • Devotional reading by individuals
  • Book club discussions in parishes, Catholic schools, or homeschool groups
  • Confirmation or RCIA candidates; supplemental reading or group discussion
  • Youth Ministry: one-on-one discipleship or group teaching
  • 8th-12th grade religion or English classes: extra credit or group learning
  • Adult education classes or prayer groups
  • Young Adult Ministry and Newman Centers
  • Teaching Theology of the Body with the optional TOB teachers’ manual
  • Gifts for those whom you wish had a more vital faith life

Best of all, The Five Questions is just the beginning! Trial readers have consistently shown a desire to keep reading about the characters in the sequels. Those who start the series in a classroom or parish group will have an ongoing means of spiritual growth and education.

ISBN: 97809980202-0-4

357 pages plus 31 pages of appendices


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