"The Wedding Feast of Cana" Icon Wall Plaque

"The Wedding Feast of Cana" Icon Wall Plaque

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The Wedding Feast of Cana Icon Wall Plaque is a traditional religious icon that beautifully depicts the scene of the Wedding Feast at Cana where Christ performed His first miracle. The The Wedding Feast of Cana icon was originally produced by Mount Tabor Studios, a team of iconographers headed by Fr. Abbot Damian Higgins, who have collectively produced over 1,000 icons in the past 20 years. Many of the icons are painted using the traditional method of egg tempera and exhibit the influence of various schools, including Greek, Byzantine, and Russian iconography.

Icon Symbolism and Meaning
If one looks closely, the icon is notably inscribed in various places.To the left of Mary are the Greek letters MP θY, an abbreviation for the title “Mother of God.” The letters in Christ’s halo (OWN) are a Greek abbreviation as well. They roughly translate to “I AM” or “I AM WHO IS,” conveying Christ’s connection with the First Person of the Trinity. In between Mary and Jesus, we see the Christogram IC XC which represents the Greek words for Jesus Christ (ΙΗ?ΟΥ? ΧΡΙ?ΤΟ?).

The icon also possesses some rich visual symbolism as well. The stars on the head and shoulders of Mary’s cloak represent Her virginity before, during, and after the birth of Christ. The scroll in Christ’s hand symbolically conveys Christ’s role as Teacher. The gesture of Christ’s right hand is perhaps a sign of Him bestowing his blessing.

Learn more about Fr. Damian and the Holy Transfiguration Monastery Monks of Mount Tabor here: http://www.holytransfigurationmonksofmounttabor.com/

This icon comes as a glossy wood wall plaque with a slot on the back for hanging. Beautify your home and enrich your prayer-life with this lovely devotional icon.

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About Mount Tabor Studios

Mount Tabor Studios is a group of iconographers lead by Fr. Damian Higgins. Under his direction, the work of these highly-skilled lay and religious iconographers is made available worldwide for the first time ever through Catholic to the Max. The heart of their work is bringing Christ to the world through their sacred arts, providing aids to prayer, and spreading the Gospel. They are also proud to promote the work of various iconographers and the call to monastic life.
List of Iconographers involved with Mount Tabor Studios
For those interested in the artists behind these works of sacred art, here is a list of those whose iconography has been a part of Mount Tabor Studios:

Fr. Abbot Damian Higgins
- Raymond Vincent
- Nestor Mykyta
- Bohdan Terletsky
- Fr. Thomas Marretta
- Nestor Mykyshyn
- Fr. George Kuto
- Fr Theodore Jurevich
- Yuri Kuchakov
- Fr. Theodore Koufos
   and many more...