Flowers of Springtime CD

Flowers of Springtime CD

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Enjoy the sweet harmony of, the Hammered Dulcimer, Guitar, Violin, Harmonica, Strings, Bass, and many more wonderful instruments on the CD "Flowers of Springtime" by the instrumental group Touch of Spring. There are 18 wonderful tracks of delightful music. This beautiful music is perfect to listen to anytime and makes an excellent gift!

-"Flowers of Springtime" by Touch of Spring

1.John Ryan's Polka (2:55)
2.Beautiful Ohio (2:50)
3.Blessed Assurance (2:50)
4.St. Anne's Reel (4:!6)
5.Chicken Reel (1:51)
6.When Irish Eye's Are Smiling (3:46)
7.Hyfrydol {Alleluia, Sing to Jesus} (2:35)
8. Ship's are Sailing, Over The Waterfall (4:28
9.Campbell's Farewell To Red Cap (3:47)
10. MunsterCloak (2:11)
11.PlanxtyJohn Irwin (2:11)
12.Trish Washerwoman (1:59)
13.Red Haired Boy (2:42)
14.Beach Spring (1:02)
15.Gymnopedics #1 (2:52)
16. How Great Thou Art (2:37)
17.Kesh Jig (2:27)
18.Drowsy Maggie (3:33)

Donna McDonald - Hammered Dulcimer
George Coler - Harmonica, Guitar
Carl Mashek -Violin
Tim Darnell - Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer
Tim Yeager - Guitar
Joe Martin - Violin
Glenn Dahler - Bass, Strings