Icon Nativity Christmas Cards (25 Cards)

Icon Nativity Christmas Cards (25 Cards)

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Order your set of Catholic Christmas cards today! These tasteful and beautiful religious cards send the joyful message of Christ's birth to your family and friends! With classic artwork depicting The Wise Men, Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus, our selection is the perfect way to send Christmas and New Year greetings! Made in the USA.

The inside left of each card is blank.

The inside right of each card reads:

Beholding the Godward-pointing Star, 
the Magi followed its radiance; 
and holding it as a lantern, 
they sought through it the mighty King. 
And having approached the Unreachable, 
they rejoiced and cried to Him: 
-The Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos     


( STC-MTS40 )