Schoenstatt Madonna Tri-fold Triptych Cards

Schoenstatt Madonna Tri-fold Triptych Cards

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This item is designed and printed at our Steubenville workshop.

Send greetings and blessings with our tri-fold triptych greeting cards! These beautiful cards will grace any mantle or shelf.  Inside the image depicts the Schoenstatt Madonna with an inspiring prayer around it.  The front decoratively greets with Mary's title "Mater ter Admicabilis" (Mother Thrice Admirable). The set of 12 cards and envelopes comes packaged in a lovely organza bag. They are a perfect way to share beauty with friends and family.  Closed each card measures approx 7in tall and 4-3/4in wide.  Open for display each card measures approx 9-1/2in wide.  Cards can be sent with standard postage.

Schoenstatt means "beautiful place." The Schoenstatt movement originated in Bavaria, Germany, and has since spread all over the world. It calls its members to make a Covenant of Love with God the Father, giving their entire lives to Him, and emphasizes strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a primary means to this goal.

The title Mother Thrice Admirable, or "Mater ter Admirabilis" in Latin, is found in the Litany of Loreto and is widely used to refer to the Blessed Virgin Mary within the movement. The meaning of the title is multi-valent: Mother of God, Mother of Christ, Mother of all human beings; she is admirable in faith, hope and charity; she was virgin before, in and after the birth of Christ; Child of the Father, Mother of the Son, Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Prisoners surviving the concentration camps of WWII have credited our Lady under this title for saving them from death.

Please note: triptych cards feature cover-to-cover artwork and are designed to be truly breathtaking.  Practicality takes a backseat to beauty with here, and cover-to-cover artwork means sparse space in which to write personal messages

We recommend including a hand-written or printed message on a separate piece of paper with each card—we’ll supply the envelopes to help you keep it nice and tidy.  If you would still like to sign the card itself, we recommend using a gold or silver-ink pen.

Designed and printed in Ohio.


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