The Great One CD Featuring Righteous B

The Great One CD Featuring Righteous B

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Track Listings

01 The Great One (4:41)
02 Father Stan & Righteous B Dialogue Track (7:12)
03 Father Stan Reading JPII's Feb. '04 prep for cologne '05 (15:35)
04 Father Stan reading JPII's Redemptor Hominius 1979 #'s 10 & 13 (10:42)
05 Father Stan reading JPII's ecclesia de eucharistia 2003 #'s 17, 20, 62 (9:14)
06 Father Stan teaching: "The Great One" - May 24, 2005 (10:30)
07 The great one (4:41): TV mix (karaoke version) - for you to make your own tribute to JPII

(Total CD Time: 62:35)

Fr. Stan Fortuna C.F.R. is one of the eight founding members of the Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (an order established in the Archdiocese of New York under the jurisdiction of John Cardinal O'Connor) and a Roman Catholic priest. Prior to his conversion, Fr. Stan was a professional jazz musician who studied with the legendary "father of improvisational jazz" Lennie Tristano and toured/played in various venues including Birdland, Town Hall and Lincoln Center.

The C.F.R.s adhere to an ascetic lifestyle and live in the heart of the South Bronx ministering to the poverty-stricken.  Fr. Stan has been involved with community development and the implementation of various social programs in his neighbourhood of the South Bronx for over two decades when the religious order started in 1987. He has independently released over eighteen (18) CD's in various genres as well as DVDs and books.

With his preaching apostolate, Fr. Stan travels extensively doing talks and concerts around the world with proceeds from bookings and sales going towards his work with poor and impoverished families.  He has been invited to speak and do concerts at various World Youth Days appearing before both Pope John Paul II and his successor, Pope Benedict XVI and has appeared on EWTN's programme, "Life on the Rock" numerous times.  Fr. Stan has also been written up in myriad publications both secular and Catholic including "The National Catholic Register", "The National Catholic Reporter", "Catholic Digest", "New York Times", "New York Press", "XXL Magazine" and "Bass Guitar Magazine". 

Fr. Stan recently started F.I.L.O. – Francesco International Love Outreach – a new initiative that supports various needy missions abroad including the Masaka region in Uganda, Africa, Malawi and Lodz, Poland.


( FP-6 )