Our Lady of Good Outdoor Removable Image Plate

Our Lady of Good Outdoor Removable Image Plate

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Add variety and classic art to your garden, prayer path, porch, family chapel, or prayer room with these economical yet beautiful image plates! Printed, cut, and assembled by hand in Steubenville, Ohio, these weatherized and fade-resistant plates are designed to fit into our Deluxe Outdoor Shrines and Deluxe Indoor Shrines, but can also be used separately so that you can change your prayer space with the seasons of the Church!

Each image plate is comprised of a semi-gloss vinyl print mounted on ACM, an outdoor signage material that consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded together with a polyethylene core for added stability, strength, and durability. ACM is commonly used in the small business world for outdoor signage, and most of us unknowingly pass by ACM signs every day. By using ACM in devotional shrines and prayer walks, we consider this common sign material to be baptized with a renewed purpose and character.

These plates are UV-resistant, guaranteed for 3-5 years of perfect image fidelity with minimal fading. For devotees who live above the 40th parallel, or who are able to face their stations to the North or South, many more years of perfect image fidelity are possible! Nonetheless, all things in this world will fade with time, and even the ideal conditions of minimal sunlight will eventually result in fading, even if this is decades down the road.

With so many different images and three sizes available, the possibilities are endless!

( APL-1412 )