Catholic Jobs

Web Marketing Manager


  • Office/Tech Dept.


Full or Part Time:

  • Full Time


Job Description:

  • The Web Marketing Manager is one of our most dynamic and exciting positions. This individual works hands-on with the Nelson Family’s various websites, social media pages, and advertising partners, brainstorming, designing, and implementing marketing campaigns in a variety of formats and styles.



  • The Web Marketing Manager works directly under the Director of Sales & Marketing, the leader of the Office/Tech Department, and alongside customer service and IT staff members.


Primary Duties:

  • Design and implement marketing and advertising pieces across all company sales channels
  • Organize, manage, and maintain company e-mail marketing lists for various customers bases


Secondary Duties:

  • Website design and UX management and improvement
  • SEO content management and development
  • Web analytics reporting, analysis, and consultation
  • Goal-oriented research and analysis concerning digital marketing trends


Tertiary Duties:

  • Special projects as assigned by management
  • Marketing focus group involvement
  • Product photography with minor editing
  • Minor video production and editing
  • Customer service support during extreme situations and emergencies



  • High School graduate or GED equivalent required
  • Bachelor’s Degree or some college preferred, but aptitude is most important
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply


Work Experience

  • Aptitude is most important
  • Front-end experience with self-hosted websites is a plus
  • 1-2 years of hands-on experience in either web development or marketing desired


Technical Skills

  • Fluency with Adobe Photoshop is necessary
  • Experience with Google Analytics and Google Search Console a plus.
  • Photography experience is a plus
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP is a plus
  • The ability to write cohesive sales copy and/or web content is appreciated, but can also be learned if necessary.
  • Knowledge or experience with FTP hosting, cPanel/WHM


Physical Demands:

  • As with all Office/Tech staff, this job requires workers to be sitting at a computer for the majority of the work day. That being said, the Web Marketing Manager must be able to move about the company facility at a relatively quick pace when necessary, on short notice.



  • Hourly. Pay will be commensurate with apparent aptitude and/or experience.


To apply:

  • Send your resume and references to Kevin Nelles, Director of Sales & Marketing.
  • 740-282-5334


A note from Kevin:
The most important things any candidate for this job possess are:

  1. Attitude/passion for graphic design and website management, and other technical work
  2. An attitude that is humble, willing to listen, learn, and grow professionally
  3. Passion for sharing the Catholic faith through the sale of our dynamic products.

My experience is that these three components trump experience and education for virtually every candidate. If you are willing and able to learn, and you understand and share our vision as a company, we will give you all the tools and opportunities necessary to grow into the right candidate for this job.



Production Day Shift Worker


      • Production and Fulfillment


Full or Part Time:

      • Full Time or Part Time


Job Description:

      • Performs various functions within the Manufacturing and Shipping departments, including picking and fulfilling orders, receiving, maintenance, housekeeping, replenishment of inventory, stocking, building products, finishing and product detailing, and packing orders for shipment.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

      • Ability to pay close attention to detail
      • Ability to effectively function as part of a team
      • Ability to communicate with co-workers in a courteous and professional manner
      • Skills in operating various warehouse equipment a plus


Experience and Education

      • High School graduate or GED equivalent for applicants over 18
      • Related experience is helpful but not necessary
      • Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to apply


Physical Demands:

      • Production workers must possess a full range of motion and be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Tasks around the department involve both standing and sitting for long periods of time.



      • Pay will correspond with experience. Entry-level applicants begin at minimum wage.


To apply:

      • Send your application to John Nelson, Director of Production and Fulfillment.