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2016 Liturgical Calendars
Just in time for the Year of Mercy!

A Year of Mercy with Pope Francis calendar image

Inspire Catholics and non-Catholics alike to love Christ, seek greater faith, and live out their beliefs with a liturgical calendar from Catholic to the Max! The perfect gift for the home or office, each liturgical calendar features religious artwork from around the world or beloved photos of our much-loved pontiff, Pope Francis, along with a wide variety of aids relevant to the liturgy and daily Catholic life which you can learn more about below.


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Holy days of obligation feature image


Will the calendar tell me when I am required to attend mass?

Yes. All days with Mass obligations (Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation) are highlighted in blue.




other holy days feature image

What about solemnities that aren't
holy days of obligation? Are those marked as well?

Absolutely. Solemnities that are not necessarily Holy Days of Obligation are marked and highlighted separately, in yellow, so you will always know when it's time to take a fasting break and celebrate!


color-coded fish fasting key feature image

Will the calendar tell me what days to fast, what is permissible to eat, and which days have stricter fasting rules?

Yes, yes, and yes! Color-coded fishes grace the box of each fasting day, keeping you up to date on which days bear obligatory fasts from meat, obligatory fasts of personal sacrifice, recommended fasting days, and formerly required fasting days.


What kinds of devotions are featured in the calendar?

Each month of the calendar year is marked with the Church-designated devotion. June, for example, is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The days of the week, Sunday through Saturday, are also listed with their respective devotions.


monthly devotion feature image
daily devotion feature image
liturgical colors and readings feature image


What about daily readings and liturgical colors?

The daily mass readings from the Roman Missal are listed in each day's box, as is that day's liturgical color! The liturgical colors of each day (white, green, violet, red, or rose) are shown, not with an abbreviated letter, but visually in their own respective box.



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