What We Believe

What We Believe

We believe a Catholic t-shirt can turn everyone,
no matter how shy, into an Evangelist.

We believe sacred art has the power to convert
an atheist just by hanging on your wall.

We believe Catholic kitsch hurts the Church.
You won’t find any here.

We believe our city of Steubenville has
a bright future. It’s good to love where you live.

We believe a pro-life activist can create a company.
Mark Nelson showed us how it’s done.

We believe in preaching the Gospel all over the walls.
Say hello to our Catholic poster line.

We believe you should pray more and drink more coffee.
Our prayer mugs have you covered.

We believe Church teaching is always right,
even if it’s hard or we don’t like it.

We believe you should try shopping at a local
Catholic bookstore first, and our website second.

We believe in taking your order over the phone if necessary,
because sometimes you just need a human being.