The Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments - Set of 12

The Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments - Set of 12

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This set of 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments is based on an old English Christmas carol from the end of the 18th century. This carol came to symbolize 12 truths of the Christian faith, and served as a memorable way to instruct children. Create your own family custom this year with a set of ornaments, and you, too, can learn how this song came to summarize truths we still celebrate today!

The twelve days of Christmas are celebrated from Christmas day through January 5th.

The Twelve Days of Christmas:

1. Jesus 2. The Old and New Testaments
3. The Theological Virtues 4. The Four Gospel Evangelists 
5. The First Five Books of the Bible 6. The Six Days of Creation
7. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit 8. The Eight Beatitudes
9. The Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit 10. The Ten Commandments
11. The Eleven Faithful Apostles 12. The 12 Articles of the Apostles Creed