Renaissance Coffee

Where does coffee fit in the Catholic to the Max mission? For over two decades, our parent company, Nelson Fine Art and Gifts, has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing classic art across a myriad of products to hundreds of gift shops in the U.S. and Canada. In 2009, we bought the old Lincoln School in downtown Steubenville, moved our manufacturing operation off the family farm, and became directly involved with the revitalization movement that was beginning to creep across the city.

In 2016, we purchased an unused structure in the heart of downtown Steubenville, previously known as the Raney & Sheal Building. The three-story building contained a ballroom and three separate store fronts, giving us the perfect opportunity to expand our own offerings to meet the needs of a struggling community. After considerable renovations, upgrades, and facade improvements, we've added what every hoppin' downtown needs: Drosselmeyer's Nutcracker Shoppe (year-round Christmas store), The Steubenville Popcorn Co., and finally, the Renaissance Coffee Roasting Co. & Leonardo's Coffeehouse.
The word “Renaissance” is French for “Rebirth” and is associated with the cultural movement that took place in Europe from the 14th to 17th century. The Renaissance brought forth revolutions in literature, diplomacy, education, science, and art. Since they came into existence, coffeehouses have been centers for socializing, conducting business, and exchanging ideas. ​We hope that our efforts to revitalize downtown Steubenville will bring about a Renaissance of sorts for this town, through an inspired appreciation for art, history, creative craftsmanship, music, architecture...and coffee. 

Renaissance Coffee Roasters was born from a love of coffee. We are a small batch, artisan coffee roaster located in historic downtown Steubenville, Ohio. Our concept is simple. We seek out and start with only high quality Arabica green coffee beans and carefully roast them to perfection. We seek out and carry fair trade and organic coffees as much as possible.​

159 N. 4th Street, Steubenville, OH 43952