St. Philip Neri Framed Art

St. Philip Neri Framed Art

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St. Phillip Neri
19th Century
Artist Unknown 

St. Phillip Neri spent thirteen years as a lay person ministering to everyone he met in Rome. His cheerful and humorous yet honest personality drew others to a deeper, more real and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. He was eventually ordained and founded the Orations, an order dedicated of prayer, hymns, and learning. He died on May 25, 1595 after a long life of prayer, penance, and joyful service to the people of Rome, having saved many of them from indifference and skepticism.

This print of the 19th century original is encased with our classic gold and black frame that will match any room in your home. This portrait of the cheerful yet diligent Saint Phillip makes a good reminder to live the Gospel joyfully and trusting in God. Order as a gift for your family and friends today!

Printed and Framed in the USA.


( NW-449 )