CORAGGIO Cedar of Lebanon Tote Bag

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This tote bag belongs to our Coraggio collection, and features our Cedar of Lebanon design. The perfect way to carry your favorite items and necessities in style, this tote bag allows you to represent your faith in an engaging and classy way. 

It measures 15in x 14.5in, and is 24 inches tall with the handles included.

[Coraggio Design - Cedar of Lebanon]
The Cedar of Lebanon is an important, but often times overlooked symbol for our Catholic Faith. These cedar trees can grow to live up to 3,000 years old and are also equipped with a special substance that allows their roots to anchor themselves deep into the rocky ground. The analogy here depicts that when we live by faith, we are enabled by God's grace to weather all forms of difficulty and blossom into the beautiful life God intended. Cedars of Lebanon also have a special characteristic that allows them to survive off neighboring cedars! When many grow in close proximity, often times their branches and foliage will intertwin and merge, meaning if one tree dies its limbs will be supported through the other tree. Lastly, these trees can grow to mighty heights! While they can stretch up to an astounding 120ft height, with 30-50ft branches, these trees grow extremely slow - only 6-12cm a year! This is also only made possible by what we don't see. For every foot of tree you see above ground, its roots below are equal or even doubled in size. This is a great symbol for our life with Christ. Just like any relationship, our lives with Christ takes time and work. It must be fostered, cared for, and cultivated each and every day. For we will only grow as tall as deeply as we are rooted!


Once, as Pope St. John Paul II battled illness, a Capuchin friar stood below his window with a fist in the sky and shouted, "Coraggio! (Courage!)" Inspired by this story, we at Catholic to the Max wanted to create a product line devoted to inspiring others to have courage and spark real life conversations about Christ. With this in mind, we've created a new set of designs that are Catholic, engaging, but also a little unclear. By stirring curiosity in others, our hope is when someone asks you about your shirt, journal, bracelet, etc, you have the opportunity and courage to proclaim the message of Jesus. You can learn more about the Coraggio brand by visiting our new website: