Big Families Rock T-Shirt (White Writing)

Big Families Rock T-Shirt (White Writing)

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Take your faith and family to the streets with our Big Families Rock T-Shirt. "They're all yours?!" Share the beauty of God's words "be fruitful and multiply" with this family-friendly shirt. In fun doodles, a family with kids of all different personalities and ages are hanging upon the parents. Big Families Rock!

On the back reads the following:


Big Families Rock! (with a child swinging off the lettering)

We had planned on two...guess plans change!

No, this is not some sort of daycare; it's 24/7

Yes, we have television; it's hardly as fun

Why should we fix it if it's not broke?

Yes, we know where they come from...God!

Yes, we've heard of birth control; no birth and no control.

We're working on our own professional sports team

You should enjoy our large family; our kids will be paying your social security!

We didn't plan the first few, why start now?

Are we done?! We're just getting started!


This pre-shrunk, 100% cotton shirt comes in Royal Blue or Pink and is available in sizes Small through XXX-Large. It is an excellent way to show and share your faith and the beauty of your family!


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