CORAGGIO St. George T-Shirt

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This t-shirt belongs to our Coraggio collection, and features our St. George design. It comes as a pre-shrunk, 100% cotton shirt.

[Coraggio Design - St. George]

Across history, culture, and continents, humanity has woven inspiring tales of brave heroes defeating dragons, and St. George is no different.

Originally a Roman soldier in the year 303, St. George gave himself over to the Roman emperor to die for his faith. His story was later adapted in the 1200’s in a book called “The Golden Legend.” In this story, he stops a dragon from terrorizing a kingdom, and the people of the kingdom convert to Christianity. The dragon is likely a metaphor for paganism, which was slowly dying out as more and more people converted to the Christian faith.

Whether or not St. George really did slay a dragon, his story still remains as an inspiring beacon of Christian bravery. Now get out there and start slaying your own dragons!


Once, as Pope St. John Paul II battled illness, a Capuchin friar stood below his window with a fist in the sky and shouted, "Coraggio! (Courage!)" Inspired by this story, we at Catholic to the Max wanted to create a product line devoted to inspiring others to have courage and spark real life conversations about Christ. With this in mind, we've created a new set of designs that are Catholic, engaging, but also a little unclear. By stirring curiosity in others, our hope is when someone asks you about your shirt, journal, bracelet, etc, you have the opportunity and courage to proclaim the message of Jesus. You can learn more about the Coraggio brand by visiting our new website:


This item is sourced blank from a variety of locations and then printed in our Steubenville workshop.