Alpha Omega (Life is Sacred) T-Shirt

Alpha Omega (Life is Sacred) T-Shirt

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This item is sourced blank from a variety of locations and then printed in our Steubenville workshop.

This Full Color t-shirt features a pattern with the Alpha and Omega symbol across the entire shirt. On the chest, the words "Life is Sacred - January 22 1973" remind us that Almighty God--the Alpha and Omega, alone--has the authority to determine the value of human life. And the teaching of the Church throughout the centuries is this: to God, all life is sacred.  No one--not the United States Supreme Court, and certainly not Roe vs. Wade (enacted January 22, 1973), may decide which lives are or are not valuable.

N.B. This full color tee, although it does not appear so in the example, has white wrinkle marks that are in fact on purpose and unique to each individual shirt. It is not an error.

Important Note: Due to the fact that Full Color t-shirts are some of our best-selling products, orders with any of these included will take longer to process and arrive at your door.

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