My Mom Shirt Heather T-Shirt

My Mom Shirt Heather T-Shirt

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Proclaim your beliefs loud and clear with this powerful motherhood shirt! This pre-shrunk, cotton/polyester blend t-shirt is available in a variety of colors and in sizes Small-XXX Large, making it perfect for all your needs. Perfect as a gift for your mother, wife, daughter, or friend!

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She who can do anything ⦁ Safety Instructor ⦁ Garden
Tender ⦁ Mediator of Fights ⦁ Head of Taxi Service ⦁
Chief Paramedic ⦁ Drier pf Tears ⦁ Executive Chef Queen of
 ⦁ Maid-In-Residence ⦁ Kisser of Booboos ⦁  Criminal
Defense Counsel ⦁ Holder of Dad's Hand ⦁ Expert Problem Solver 
Diffuser of Dad ⦁ Rocker of Babies ⦁ Groomer of Little
Ponies ⦁ Chief Hair Stylist ⦁ Teacher of the Faith ⦁ CEO of the
Household ⦁ Non-TV Activity Coordinator ⦁ Magic Stain Remover
Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator ⦁ Fashion
Consultant ⦁ Hygiene Control Specialist ⦁ Dreams Fulfiller ⦁ Comforter of
Babies ⦁ Chauffeur Extraordinaire ⦁ Protectress from Nightmares 
Family Environs Upkeep Manager ⦁ Life Counselor 
Master of Controlling Disaster ⦁ Nutritional Intervention Ambassador
⦁ Stuff of Legends ⦁ Superwoman ⦁ Maker of To-Do Lists
Head Diaper Changing Officer ⦁ Grand Poobah of Bubble
Baths ⦁ Grand Master of Domestic Minions Solid Waste Manager
making the impossible look easy


( T-MOM )