Burning Bush Wall Crucifix

Burning Bush Wall Crucifix

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This unique and beautiful Burning Bush Crucifix is reproduced by the Nelson family's talented team of designers and manufacturers.  Each cross measures approximately 10" tall and 7-5/8" across and is 5/8" thick with a keyhole slot in the back for hanging.

Officially titled "I AM HE," the original crucifix was fashioned with great skill in both painting and prayer by Karen Boshart and Sher Lanham of the Red Shoes Art Studio in Charleston, Illinois.  The artists were inspired by the venerable words of Pope Benedict XVI in his signature work, Jesus of Nazareth, in which the Holy Father draws a mighty analogy between the encounter of Moses and God in the burning bush and the encounter of all humanity with Jesus Christ in the crucifixion.  

The original crucifix, which measures 9' wide by 12' tall, was constructed in three layers and resides on the wall of the St. Phillip Neri Chapel of the Newman Catholic Center at Eastern Illinois University. 


Additional reflection from the artists:

The burning bush emerges from gnarly roots, grounding the revelation of God, the I AM. Along with Moses, we stand on holy ground. The flaming leaves move upward, outward, and around the crucifix, as tongues of flame, the Holy Spirit.

The roots of the cross intertwine with the roots of the burning bush, and lift up the Son of Man, the I AM HE.

On the cross, Jesus is exalted to the very “height” of the God who is love. The corpus is adapted from a 13th century icon at Mt. Sinai.


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