The Protector: Police Guardian Angel Mug with Prayer for Policemen

The Protector: Police Guardian Angel Mug with Prayer for Policemen

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Enjoy your coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in this unique ceramic The Protector: Police Guardian Angel Mug with Prayer for Policemen! This mug makes a great gift to the police officer in your town, family, or friend group or to a police officer's family. With a police officer peacefully and resolutely walking forward to make sure that the city is in peace, a strong Angel of light is behind him to protect and aid him in his duty. An innocent child holds the police officer's hand and others follow behind, finding joy and safety in his guard. On the side is a prayer for policemen, asking that they may be protected and blessed in their duty. Remind yourself to pray for the protection of those who serve your local community in the police force, or remind a police officer that they are being protected by God's Angels.

"The Protector" was painted by Lisa S. Andrews, a classical realist artist from California. In 2014, Lisa was commissioned by the Steubenville Police Department to paint a visual reminder that police officers are protected by God's Angels in their service to the community, and "The Protector" was the inspiring result. The original painting now hangs in the Steubenville Police Department headquarters and has been solemnly blessed by Jeffrey Monforton, Bishop of Steubenville. In addition to being a source of courage and inspiration for police officers themselves, "The Protector"  also serves as a reminder for others to continue to pray for police officers' safety everywhere.

Text Reads:

O Lord our God, protector of the innocent, judge of the wicked, and strength of the upright, we ask You to watch over those who serve the public as police officers. Protect their bodies as they venture toward physical danger. Protect their spirits as they confront darkness and evil on every shift. Protect their minds as they fight against stress, cynicism, and mental exhaustion. Give them, O Lord, the grace of wisdom and strong judgment in perilous moments. May their administration of justice and mercy here on Earth reflect Your justice and mercy in Heaven. Amen.


This 11 oz. high quality coffee mug imprinted in our shop in Steubenville, OH, makes a great gift for any event or occasion!


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