Bronze San Damiano Crucifix

Bronze San Damiano Crucifix

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This crucifix features Christ on the San Damiano Cross. The San Damiano cross is especially significant to the life of St. Francis; it is from it that he miraculously heard God say, "Go repair my Church". The cross features a strong and confident crucified Christ, the Ascension above him, a company of angels looking in awe upon His sacrifice, Mary and St. John at His feet, and Saint Mary Cleophas, Mary Magdalene, and Cleophas to His right. It is lightly hand-painted and made of cold cast bronze. Available in two sizes: 10" tall and 15.75" tall

Built with quality and detail in mind, this beautiful product belongs to the Veronese Collection. These timeless pieces are sure to make the perfect addition to your home or gift for a loved one.

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