First Mass Ordination Holy Card

First Mass Ordination Holy Card

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Laminated pack: contains 25 cards.
Paper pack: contains 50 cards.

Share your faith with this beautiful holy card! The 2.5"x4.25" holy card features the Holy Spirit with a tongue of fire on the front, and a prayer on the back.


May you be blessed by God
and my you be filled with zeal
for the Gospel, love for all
mankind, and reverence for His
Church. May He give you the
grace to serve in humility and
obedience all the days of your life.

"Every high priest is chosen from

his fellow-men and appointed

to serve God on their behalf, to

offer sacrifices and offerings for

sins. Since he himself is weak

in many ways, he is able to be

gentle with those who are

ignorant and make mistakes."

~ Hebrews 5:1-2


( HC-ORD5 )