Jean Baptiste de la Salle Holy Cards

Jean Baptiste de la Salle Holy Cards

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Holy Card featuring Jean Baptiste de la Salle, patron of teachers. With a prayer for teachers, it make an excellent gift and honors this ambitious yet humble educator of the poor.

Jean Baptiste de la Salle was a French priest who cared for his own family after his parent's death, and also founded free schools to teach children to read and write in their own language. His efforts reached many people and lead them to Jesus and the Church.

Laminated pack: contains 25 cards.
Paper pack: contains 50 cards.

The 2.5"x4.25" holy cards are designed and printed by local workers in our shop in Steubenville, OH.


Prayer Reads:

"Jean Baptiste de La Salle

Pray For Us

Heavenly Father, who promised that all those who instruct others in the ways of holiness will shine as stars for all eternity, fill our hearts and minds with true knowledge and the art of teaching.

Give us patience and understanding, justice and prudence, humility and fear of the Lord.

Jean Baptiste de la Salle, Patron Saint of Teachers, Pray for us."