Meditations on the Passion of Christ Devotional Booklet by Paula Trzepacz

Passion of Our Lord
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Meditations on the Passion of Christ

Experiential Version Expressed Through Color, Symbolism and Prayer

From the artist:

"The final journey of Jesus the Christ upon entering Jerusalem is leading to his passion and death. This series called the Meditations on the Passion of Christ uses an abstract style of paintings is intended to encourage meditation while focusing on the painting after reading the descriptions and modern prayers. The prayers are written from us to God, each bridging Jesus’ steps toward crucifixion to our life experiences today. The final meditation is the Resurrection that brings a feeling of hope after Jesus’ unconscionable suffering."

The artist, Paula T. Trzepacz, MD was a fallen away cradle Catholic in her youth. After spending years laboring through school and working in the medical field, she eventually came back to the Church, full of zeal to learn about and practice her newly discovered faith. She began painting years later as a form of recreation. Her paintings are vibrantly colorful and carry an implicit meaning about the beauty and sacredness of life. Most of her works are semi-abstract: the subject matter is more or less evident, and symbolism of colors adds meaning.

This is an excellent, intimately personal devotional booklet for private meditation. 

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Booklet is 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and 32 Pages

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