Prayer for Future Family Members

Prayer for Future Family Members

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Holy cards featuring special prayers and beautiful artwork from our popular Prayers for the Family novena booklet! Order for your home, or send as gift today!

Offering prayers specifically for families around the world, these cards embrace the importance of marriage and the sanctity of all life. The Prayers for the Family booklet is a response to Pope Francis's call to focus on the family.

The cards are 2.5" by 4.25" and are designed and printed by local workers in our shop here in Steubenville, OH.

Prayer reads:

"Lord, I offer to you the future members of my family, including in-laws, spouses of children, adoptees, and unborn children.

I surrender to you and to your divine will the future of my family, and I abandon myself to your plans. Whomever you choose to bring into life of my family, and whenever you choose to do so, teach me to love and to pray for those people.

May new family members be welcomed with love and generosity. Grant that our relationships be free from vain family posturing, jealousy, selfishness, and competition amongst members. Teach us to be open to new life at all times and situations.

May the Spirit of peace and love pervade my family at all times, I ask this in Jesus' name.