Wedding of Joseph & Mary Wedding Blessing Holy Card

Wedding of Joseph & Mary Wedding Blessing Holy Card

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This item is designed and printed at our Steubenville workshop.

Laminated pack: contains 25 cards.
Paper pack: contains 50 cards.

Share your faith with this beautiful holy card! The 2.5"x4.25" holy card features a classic image of the Wedding of Joseph and Mary Wedding Blessing on the front, with a prayer on the back:

Wedding Blessing

O, God, by your power you have made everything
out of nothing. In the beginning you created the universe
and made us in your own likeness. You gave man
the constant help of woman so that man and woman
should no longer be two, but one flesh, and you teach us
that what you have united may never be divided..
O, God, you have made the union of man and wife
so holy a mystery that it symbolizes the
marriage of Christ and his people.
O, God, by your plan man and woman are united,
and married life has been established as the
one blessing that was not forfeited by sin.
Look with love upon this woman, your daughter, now
joined to her husband in marriage. She asks your blessing.
Give her the grace of love and peace.
May she always follow the example of the
holy women whose praises are sung in the scriptures.
May her husband put his trust in her and know that
she is his equal and the heir with him to the life of grace.
May he always honor her and lover her as
Christ loves his people. Keep them always true to your 
commandments. Keep them faithful in marriage and
let them be living examples of Christian life.
Give them the strength which comes from the gospel
so that they may be witnesses of Christ to others.
And, after a happy old age, grant them fullness of life
with the saints in the kingdom of heaven.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


( HC-109B )