St. Catherine of Siena Nurse's Prayer Bookends

St. Catherine
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These alabaster bookends depict Catherine of Siena, patron of nurses. Keeping heavy books in line, they both organize and decorate your home. This pair of bookends makes the perfect personal gift to the nurse in your family.

Among her many great deeds in the service of Christ and the poor, Catherine bravely tended to the ill in city hospitals, taking care of the patients the other nuns were afraid to care for. Her humble bravery and love and her mysticism through her life moved Pope Paul VI to declare her a Doctor of the Church in 1970.

The bookends are made from stone-cast alabaster here in our shop in Steubenville, Ohio. Alabaster is a building and decorating material created from the mineral gypsum that has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. It boasts an attractive smooth finish and will last for years to come.

Each measures roughly 6"x8", including the 4"x6" inset image plaque, and is 3" deep.

Text reads: 

"O merciful Father, we pray for our nurses and all those whom you have called the arts of healing the sick and the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them in body and soul, and bless their work, that they may give comfort to those for whose salvation your Son became Man, lived on this earth, healed the sick, and suffered and died on the Cross. Amen."