CORAGGIO Axe & Stump Leather Card Holder

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This rustic leather card holder belongs to our Coraggio collection, and features our axe & tree stump design. This card holder is perfect compact size to take on every trip. With a 3.5 x 2.5" pocket, it's perfect to hold your business cards, credit cards, or even some cash! Crafted from 100% soft, genuine leather, each one comes in differing shades and patterns - no two are the same. They are designed and engraved in our Steubenville, OH workshop.

Hand-crafted in Honduras, these leather card holders were created by the individuals at Lazarus Artisan Goods. Through this ministry, men and women are taught to make high quality goods while receiving sustainable wages, health-care, and an education. Their goal is to not only help their workers financially, but to teach them to find dignity and purpose in all that they do. Both we at Catholic to the Max and Mission Lazarus thank you for helping support our teams of talented individuals.

[Coraggio Design - Axe & Tree Stump]
Regarded as one of the greatest missionaries since St. Paul, St. Boniface was known for his extensive travels and evangelization endeavors throughout modern-day Germany. Hearing of the inhabitants in a village called Geismar, Boniface learned that during the winter the people would sacrifice a human, usually a small child, to the Thor god, which was represented by a large oak tree. Boniface desired to convert the village by destroying the Thunder Oak tree, which the pagans had boasted the God of Boniface could not destroy. Gathering a few companions, Boniface and his men journeyed to Geismar to prove them wrong. Boniface and his men arrived at the tree in the midst of the pagan offering and saved a young boy who was about to be sacrificed.  Interrupting the gathering, Boniface said, “Here is the Thunder Oak; and here the cross of Christ shall break the hammer of the false god Thor.” Grabbing an axe, Boniface chopped into the mighty tree, and with a strong rushing wind that picked up through the forest, the tree collapsed.


Once, as Pope St. John Paul II battled illness, a Capuchin friar stood below his window with a fist in the sky and shouted, "Coraggio! (Courage!)" Inspired by this story, we at Catholic to the Max wanted to create a product line devoted to inspiring others to have courage and spark real life conversations about Christ. With this in mind, we've created a new set of designs that are Catholic, engaging, but also a little unclear. By stirring curiosity in others, our hope is when someone asks you about your shirt, journal, bracelet, etc, you have the opportunity and courage to proclaim the message of Jesus. You can learn more about the Coraggio brand by visiting our new website: