Antique Christ Child (With Cross) Framed Art

Antique Christ Child (With Cross) Framed Art

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Christ Child Praying with the Cross
Artist Unknown

The wooden cross on the floor of the carpentry shop foreshadows Jesus' future passion and death, but His serenity and eyes turned towards heaven show His complete trust in His Father and obedience to His will. This old-style painting of the child Jesus shows us Christ's humanity and our need to approach the Father as Jesus did, humbly and as a child. The meditative atmosphere of the painting and the simplicity draw our eyes and thoughts to Jesus's life of prayer and obedience, even in the midst of the work He had to do, and calls us to do the same.

This print is offered in our standard wood frame to match the beautiful simplicity of the piece and offer a classic style that will enhance any room you choose to decorate. This piece would work well in your living room, prayer space, or main hallway. You can also order this as a gift for your family or a close friend.

Printed and Framed by local workers in Steubenville, OH.


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