Antique Christ Child (With Nails) Framed Art

Antique Christ Child (With Nails) Framed Art

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Thy Will be Done
Charles Bosseron Chambers
20th Century

This old-style image of the Child Jesus praying to His Father invites the viewer to reflection and prayer themselves. The nails foreshadow the Passion that He will have to suffer, but His serene and trusting look shows His complete Faith that the Father will prepare Him and guide Him through it. This image created by early 20th century artist C. Bosseron Chambers is a reminder that Christ is the model for how we are to pray, especially in the light of life's hardships and challenges. 

Framed in classic dark wood, this print makes an excellant piece for your living room or hallway. This artwork will be a reminder anywehere in your home to pray to God the Father as Jesus did to thank Him for His gifts and ask for His help.

Printed and framed by local workers in Steubenville, OH.


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